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It is summer now and majority of the population is relishing the season. Holiday trips, parties, shopping, adventure, sightseeing and much more are in the to-do list of many out there. But in the midst of your plans, there is one thing that you must miss on and that is clothes. For every activity that you do, it is essential that you dress in a way that compliments the place and mood of the pursuit.

Maxi dress

It is the right time for everyone to set aside the notion that maxi dresses can only be worn at highly sophisticated events and not casually. Why? Because my ladies, these long flowing dresses are so insanely in trend beyond any conjectures of suitability that you can wear them anywhere may it be to the beach, to a party or on a vacation. To exhibit more of the summer vibe, choose a maxi dress with floral prints and a solid base. These are super comfortable yet beautiful, perfect for a summer day.

Crop top

Crop tops are amazingly stylish pieces that allow you to flaunt your waist. These are short in length, usually above waist or above your navel. Crop tops come in a variety of fittings ranging from skin fit to loose. Do you know what the best thing about these is? You do not have to spend hours figuring out which bottom you should pair it with. It goes perfectly with skirts, shorts, denims and palazzos.


Shorts are the coolest stuff you will find today. They are chic and appealing and have a summer vibe of their own. You can opt for denim or cotton shorts and team it with casual shirt or top. Floral or geometric print shorts look great too if paired with a solid top.

Midi skirt

This classy skirt is a concoction of knee length and full-length skirt which means its length goes below the knees but stops short of the ankles. You can choose among high waist, mid waist and low waist, solid or printed midi skirt. Pairing it with a crop top and nice pair of heels will give you an elegant look while pairing it with a shirt loosely tucked in and a pair of brogues will give you an idiosyncratic look.


When you wear good clothes but do not accessorize them properly, you may not have your best look out. Accessories, if teamed properly with clothes, can accentuate your appearance and make you look edgier. Sunglasses are examples that match well with anything you wear them with. Aviators can be worn with denims, shorts and dungarees while cat eye and wayfarers complement elegant clothes such as maxi dresses, midi skirts and jumpsuits.

Scarves, Hats and caps

Putting on a scarf around your neck can really give a boost to your appearance. There are different ways in which you can tie a scarf and you can learn them all at mjmakeupandsalon.
Hats and caps too look attractive if chosen in accordance with the dress you are wearing. For instance, wear a beach hat when you wear maxi dresses, a snapback caps when you wear shorts or denims and tennis caps while playing sports.


Jumpsuits have been in fashion since a couple of years and are still in high demand. From celebs to the girl next door, everyone is adorning their looks by wearing classic jumpsuits. Pair it with stilettos to have a sophisticated look and with slip-on or brogues to appear casual. These give you alluring look and are comfortable at the same time. For more tips visit Minakshi Jaiswal’s blog, she is super stylish diva and professional makeup artist.

Ankle pants

Ankle pants length up to your ankles and not below that. You must have already witnessed the stylish look that these give as compared to full-length jeans and trousers. Printed ankle pants are very much in vogue this season. You can wear these with a solid color top or shirt for everyday look and pair it with light fabric blazer or jacket if you are going for a meeting or lunch.
Remember when everyone was going crazy in the nineties for dungarees? Well, history repeats itself! It is 2016 and dungarees are back again. You can opt between full length and short length and wear them with a subtle color t-shirt along with casual slip-on shoes.

White jeans

White is a color that goes amazingly well with every color. You can wear white jeans with any printed top to look funky and put on brown/black/beige flat gladiators or strappy sandals. Since it is a very light color, it will absorb the least amount of heat and this is why white jeans are a big yes especially for the summer season.
When it comes to clothes, no matter how many you have, more is always less. But just to be sure that you have the summer essential clothing and you do not fall short in dressing for the pursuits in the best way possible, head out of your homes and buy what you think you might be missing. For more information regarding summer dressing, hairstyling, makeup and skin care you can visit Minakshi Jaiswal’s Professional makeup salon Lucknow.

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