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Summer!Talking about women, what could be the worst possible scenario? Yes, the moment when all the beautiful makeup no longer sits in place and sweating that takes away makeup and all the natural oils of skin along with it. What might it require to make people suffer and yet like it? Liking because it brings with it happy times and a pleasant sunshine and suffering because the heat and sweat it generates are beyond the limits of people to accept it as a thing of joy. Everyone is affected by summer in their own way, be it be men or women.

Who does not want to put makeup that can stay longer fighting everything that the summer offers to ruin it? To this effect, we have compiled some tips that can help you have that beautiful, light and long lasting makeup yet making your skin feel alive.

Minimal Makeup

On those heavy heat days, it would be beneficial to avoid applying any makeup at all. Only your tinted lip balm with SPF and your water resistant eye liner would suffice. If in any circumstances makeup cannot be avoided, one can completely skip the powdered or liquid base and hide blemishes with concealer stick or use a tinted moisturizer to get an even tone

Mineral Based Powders

Minakshi Jaiswal runs a splendid salon in Lucknow, and she says that if you wish to add glow by applying powder bronzer, then in summer, it is better to replace it with mineral based powders. There exist various product lines that have a mineral base. Not only does it looks good but is also healthy for your skin. It provides the skin with ample amount of much needed minerals and hence helps your skin in conditioning and moisturizing.

The Summer Colors!

The nude palette for lips is so insanely in trend. Various tones of naked, beige and pink give a very classy and elegant appearance. Also, it looks very light and natural and compliments the summer season very well. However, you need to bear in mind that the overall makeup including primer and blush should give a natural looking appearance. An even tone base and a light peach blush will go well with nudes.

The Natural Product Line

Some products are infused with strong chemicals and these can potentially harm your skin. Since your face produces a lot of natural oils which mixes with the makeup, there are chances that the chemicals would seep into the pours of the skin and lead to gradual skin damage.

Strategic Shine

It is not necessary to apply products that add glow all over your face.  A bit of liquid highlighter well-blended on the cheek bones, down the nose but not till the tip and brow bones can do enough to add more of a natural looking shine. This will make you feel light, yet beautiful.

Use Primer

When the temperature shoots up, your body starts sweating in order to cool down. Sweat on your face tends to make the base oily, greasy, heavy and sticky which is crazily annoying. However, the good news is that you can avoid this situation by using a product called the primer. It should be applied on the face before applying anything else. Primer works by preventing the skin from sweating and keeping the makeup in place. It also softens the skin, thus enabling other products to blend easily over a smooth base.

Make Your Mascara Last

The market offers a wide range of water resistant and waterproof mascara that stays for more than 12 hours. But if you do not feel comfortable to wear waterproof mascara or in case of any irritation, clear mascara can be applied over the normal mascara to seal the color. You will not feel heavy, and you will be able to wear it for longer hours.

The Eye Do

Summer resembles brightness. Eyes are mirrors that can accentuate the overall look. Owner and professional makeup artist at mjmakeupandsalon herself prefers using shades of bronze to give brightness to the eyes. She also prefers using tints of golden pink for eye shadow. She recommends application of primer before applying eyes shadow so that everything stays in place.

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