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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a makeup artist?

There are such a significant number of things to stress over on your big day. What your cosmetics will resemble, who will do it, will it last and different inquiries identified with magnificence ought not to be one of them. Cosmetics is one of only a handful couple of things that will live on perpetually in your photos from the most imperative day of your life, and it is critical that an expert apply those cosmetics. The purpose behind this is on the grounds that Minakshi Jaiswalknowledgeableable in items that will work best with your skin to last throughout the day with insignificant touch ups required. She is additionally prepared to ensure that the best hues and items are utilized to suit your skin tone and sort. It is an extravagance benefit that has never been lamented by any of Minakshi's customers.

Do u do hair?

Mandy is confirmed in cosmetics, and that is her claim to fame. Along these lines, she doesn't do meshes and up dos. She will do straightforward haircuts notwithstanding the cosmetics. On the off chance that you are keen on a proposals for marriage beauticians, Minakshi has worked with numerous that she trusts to allude, and will be happy to place you in contact with them. Mandy prefers her customers to pick their own beauticians in light of their needs and requirements for their favored marriage hair look. Mandy has found as far as she can tell that when you pick two craftsmen that are spent significant time in their own specialty, you will get the most delightful outcome. Lastly, when you host a huge wedding get-together, you will be on a tight timetable while preparing, and numerous beauticians will be a need to guarantee everybody prepares in time.

How do I book my date?

Once you decide to book, a signed contract and 50% deposit will secure the date. The remaining 50% is due on the day of service wedding/ event. It would be ideal if you take note of that dates are set up for a first come, first serve premise, and won't be last until the point that an agreement and store are gotten. A verbal assertion through email/telephone won't be adequate to book your date.

Do you provide airbrush makeup?

Minakshi has been trained in airbrush, and does have a machine. She prefers using traditional makeup because she finds that it is easier to manipulate to get the same, if not better, result than airbrush. She will be glad to go over with all of her thoughts on airbrush at your consultation, and if you are set on having airbrush, it is an option for a higher fee than traditional makeup.

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