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“To wear makeup is for women, to do it with perfection is for the artists”

Makeup is an art that is not meant to hide how one looks like, rather it is to magnify, it is to intensify, and it is to exalt the beauty that is naturally in there. It is to bring out effectively, your thoughts and inner self. However, makeup is not a cake walk. It requires special expertise and precision which only a professional makeup artist can have.

Still a little skeptic on why you need to hire a professional makeup artist?

Continue reading and you will be unquestionable by the end.

A makeup artist is highly suggestive

A person is a renowned makeup artist because he/she has those skills and ideas which every next person doesn’t have. Initially the process of makeup goes a little obvious but when it reaches the end, you will be left with a look so beautiful that you may have not imagined of.

Minakshi jaiswal, a professional makeup artist in Lucknow is one such artist that will leave you stunned by her work, checkout the services offered by her at MJMakeupandSalon.com

Contribution in the overall look

When we talk about a phenomenal look, it’s not just limited to face makeup. There is much more to it. It involves wearing colors that enhances your personality, wearing clothes that brings out your taste of fashion, doing hair that glorifies your face; well obviously not over doing anything! Only an experienced makeup artist can bring out the best look for you.

Matching color palette Makeup

Artists live their work. Colors are like oxygen to them. Whatever your outfit is, they will apply shades that perfectly go with your dress style and color so that everything blends well and nothing looks out of the box.

Skin care By Professionals

To look prodigiously beautiful for one day you certainly should not overlook the bad effects of certain products on your skin for the upcoming days. However, if you hire a professional, he/she will analyze your skin type, tone and texture and use the high quality product accordingly that will not harm your naturally beautiful skin.

Pre occasion tips By Professionals

You cannot expect to look flawless on your special day if a week before you are going out in the sun, fighting the dust and pollution and ultimately doing major harm to your skin. A makeup artist will give you tips and preventive measures to protect your skin from getting damage and help you look like a diva.

Your stress is my stress!

Ever heard “what’s inside is outside”? If you are stressed at heart, you definitely will look stressed by your face. I agree women do get conscious and eager regarding their look but why to worry when you have a solution to it.

How about transferring your stress to someone else’s shoulder? Hire a professional makeup artist and get stress-free.

Bridal makeup at MJ Makeup and Salon

Bridal makeup is the longest and toughest of all kinds. It requires precision, it has to last for hours, it has to look fresh as a flower and most importantly it has to make a woman look immensely alluring.

Again, you cannot do it on your own neither can a novice do.

Hence I repeat. Hire a professional makeup artist.


If it’s your big day and your soul is shouting its head off to look the prettiest; abort all your missions and hire a crackerjack artist.

You can have yourself appointed at the MJMakeupandSalon.com because you know they’re one of the best! and their Makeup Studio, oh so WOW!

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