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Institutes are NOT makeup studio. They do NOT provide makeup services to anyone. That is why they are at least 5 years behind the market. And because they have no clients, they themselves do not know the latest skills the professional makeup artists are using.

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Advance Makeup & Hair Styling

Bridal Special Course

Master in Hair Styling


The MJ Makeup Academy ensures that novices budding under its shadow gain thorough training and become exceptional makeup artists in many industries like fashion, film, theatre, television and photography. It has trained many apprentices so far. This certainly proves the reliability of the professional makeup courses being schooled in the academy.

Academy offers its trainees with courses like professional hair styling, detailed bridal makeup, personal and professional makeup, airbrush makeup, etc.



You don’t always have to learn the art of makeup and hair styling because you want to build your career in this very field. Some things are to be learned for one’s own sake and so does makeup and hairstyling. At MJ Makeup Academy, to-be-brides, working women, students or anyone interested can learn how to personally and professionally do their makeup and hair. This personal makeup course is one of a kind in which Minakshi Jaiswal will guide you. She is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Student work and testmonials

If you are looking for a change in life, you must first make a choice and be ready for whatever it takes to bring a positive change in your life or your life will never change

I am gald to choose MJ acedemy for become makeup, hair and nail artist. I personally think that this is my right decision ever to choose MJ acedemy.. Whatever they told me at first day that we will provide you tools, techniques, support and positive environment, I also found as it is..
In this acedemy all the class taken by Menakshi ma’am ..
She is such a sweetheart with friendly nature.All the staff members also support and teach me where i am confused.
So thank uhh so much Menakshi jaiswal ma’am and Anjum ma’am for making my career in this field… lots of love

Sakshi Bhardwaj

Makeup Artist

MJ academy is the best place to learn makeup and hair styling…there are all classes taken by Minakshi Mam, owner of the academy and she is too friendly with her students .. that’s why we feel happy to learn with her …all staff members are also supportive..
So I really thankful to you Minakshi mam and Anjum mam too ..
Love you a lot

Tejshwani Jaiswal

Makeup Artist

Friends I am Gausiya Sardar currently a student for makeup and hairstyling at Makeup India Lucknow. Meenakshi mam is a wonderful person I love very much. I am a big fan of ur,s Menakshi mam.Minakshi mam is soooooooooo sweet.
I have learned a lot of techniques in makeup.
I suggest all makeup lovers who want to be a makeup artist plzzzz join Nowwwwwww.
Thank you.


Gausiya Sardar

Makeup Artist

Why To Choose MJA?

Academies are 5 years behind

Academies are not Serving

Our sister company,, Experience and Expertise are one of the few unmatchable offerings of the MJ Makeup and Salon. The salon is located in the capital city of Lucknow and thrives on its professional services for all kinds of the makeover and styling needs of the residents. The salon offers international quality makeup in Lucknow.



Minakshi was approached by a large number of aspirants who wanted to make a career in the industry. Their love and requests forced her to open Academia, a program for aspirants who wish to learn and train under her professional guidance. Minakshi is one of the best experts to learn Airbrush Makeup in Lucknow. She understands the nuances and explains them to the apprentices, empowering them with a powerful makeover tool.



State of the art classroom with a fully equipped lab. We have practical and theory classroom separately


Taught in a person

Here no traditional teacher rather classes by real-time professional for all the skill.


80% class taken by Minakshi

Minakshi believes that the work of a makeup artist is seen in the brides they prepare. Bridal makeup is not easy, a great makeup gives memories that are cherished forever. Makeover plays a vital role in photographs and video, a makeover artist needs to understand the changing requirements of the bridal theme.

Affordable fee/Easy payment option

Why pay more when you are getting high-end makeup learning at an affordable price. Running behind the brand name was nowhere. We have more than successful 100 students they have made their career in this field.

Be a successful makeup artist

We are the only academy in India who provided loads of free valuable courses and free perks. We believe in successful makeup artist instead of a makeup artist. We understand how things are changing and why our students should be behind the digital interface for success.

Live Training and Internship

Get a chance to work with highly professionals on live walk through sessions.We provide the internship to make you more skilled before sereve to the client.

Product and latest technology

Use of all the world-class mix of products. Theory and practical both included in the course duration.

Education is in Our Blood

Academy offers its trainees with courses like professional hair styling, detailed bridal makeup, personal and professional makeup, airbrush makeup, etc. Here, in this academy we strive to thrive our students’ skills no matter at what level you are – a novice or an artist with a bit of grounding or a well-groomed artist. We cater to the requirements of every trainee and train them accordingly. There is something we can ensure you – Satisfaction in Training and Success in Future.

Makeup & Hair Courses

The advance course of makeup, airbrush makeup, hair styling & nail art

Master in makeup, airbrush makeup & hair styling course with special bridal makeup

Master in makeup, airbrush makeup & hair styling

Master in advance makeup & hair styling

Master in makeup & airbrush makeup

Master in professional makeup artist

Basic professional makeup + hair styling

Bonus Courses/Free Perks

7 Days Social Media Marketing class

Basic Photography & Video making class

Storytelling while promoting business

Smartphone film making

Basic graphic design and tools

Tool Kits on affordable price

We value your money

Free portfolio shoot

Free video portfolio

Lifetime access to video classes

Fee personal group access

50% off in future workshops

Vouchers of Rs 10000

Free website worth Rs 15000

Our Instructors

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Minakshi Jaiswal

Lead Trainer Makeup & Hair

Neelu Soni

Makeup & Hair

Punit Jaiswal

Lightings Photography


Makeup & Hair

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