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Summer brings with it all sorts of symbols that have stood for great joy and happiness since ages. But if you see it practically, gone are the days when this season used to be so soothing and carefree. Today is the time when the summer season demands utmost care pertaining to everything, especially hair. When you are out in the sun, your hair goes through ridiculous havoc that damages its texture and quality, thus giving it a dull and lifeless look.
Here, we have come up with great tips to keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny this summer.

Hydration – The Most Essential Of All

Consuming less amount of fluid is an absolutely unpropitious idea if you wish to have healthy and luscious hair. Intake of liquids maintains conventional hydration level which aids in proper circulation of essential minerals and vitamins all through the body. Hair roots thus receive required nourishment and attain a healthy growth. One must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and consume vitamin and mineral-rich fresh juicy fruits and vegetables.

Conditioner with sunscreen is a savior

It is a well known fact that conditioners form a protective layer on the cuticles and provide oils in the form of synthetic compounds both of which make the hair strands soft, lustrous and tangle free. But when the sun hits hard, mere conditioning with a normal conditioner is not enough. This is because it cannot protect the hair against discoloration caused by sunrays.
Use a good quality conditioner infused with sunscreen elements to give complete protection to your locks. You can ask Minakshi Jaiswal for conditioner recommendation or visit her salon in Lucknow to get a complete hair treatment according to your hair type and requirement.

Braid your hair

When you tie your hair in a braid, only a minimal portion of your strands is exposed to sun, wind and dust. In this way, your hair does not need to combat the attack of nature. Also, when you will unfasten the strands, you will have tangle free, soft and clean hair. You can go to mjmakeupandsalon to learn various types of stylish braided hairstyles to rock the summers.

Minimize the application of heat on hair

Using heat based styling tools such as flat iron, curling rod and blow dryers breaks the original texture and keratin formation of hair, thus rendering them prone to breakage, dryness and split ends. Your hair already has to go through so much in summers, putting another burden on them will only cause more damage. Limit the application of heat and also avoid coloring and bleaching to revitalize your hair.

Change the way you part your hair

People generally part their hair in the way it looks best. Thus, that particular section is exposed to the sun for the maximum duration. This leads to sun-burn on the scalp. To protect your scalp, make frequent changes to your parting style. If you want to learn different parting styles, you should follow the styles and tips advocated by Minakshi Jaiswal a professional makeup artist in Lucknow.

Shampoo with natural or mild chemical infused products

During summer, your scalp easily gets oily and dirty. It is important to flush out dirt and unwanted oils to avoid impending hair fall. Since you will need to increase the frequency of hair wash, it will be beneficial to use shampoos that have natural contents or those that have harmless chemicals and hence are gentle on hair.

Protect your hair in water

When you go for swimming, your hair can absorb many harmful elements that can lead to hair damage and discoloration or you may even have a new color to your hair like in the case of blondes which turn green on absorbing chlorine from water. To prevent your hair from damage, wear a swimming cap or pre-wet your hair before going into the water.

Hot oil rinse

What you need to do for a hot oil rinse is to first shampoo your hair. Start applying the hot oil from the ends and up to the roots. Leave the hot oil in your hair for few minutes and then rinse it. Once you get the oil off the strands apply coin size amount of conditioner to your hair and wash. You will have soft, moisturized yet non-greasy hair.
Many are conscious about their skin in summers and follow a strict skincare regime but often ignore the fact that their hair too is at the peak of forthcoming damage. It is essential to give proper care and time to your hair as well because hair is one thing that has the capacity to oomph up your look. Follow these tips and you can have smooth, shiny and perfectly manageable hair to rock the summers.

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