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If you have got been checking out how to update your look this year, it continually pays to envision out the newest makeup trends. From shiny cheeks to crimson lips, these 5 trends area unit geared up to be Brobdingnagian in 2019.

1. Bright and quizzical Eyes

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Playful and unconventional eye makeup is ready to be Brobdingnagian in 2019.

This will be nice news for those of you UN agency get pleasure from obtaining inventive together with your makeup.

Need some inspiration?

Here area unit many quizzical eye makeup ideas to try:

1.Experiment with the cat eye, not solely attempting out totally different shapes and angles, however additionally pairing it with sudden colours

2.Go for a contemporary look with a daring dot of color simply beneath your lower lash line

3.Give color obstruction a attempt. Pastel palettes area unit particularly on-trend for 2019

4.Have fun together with your make-up, applying this in uncommon places and experimenting with totally different colours, like element shades

2.Gloss, Gloss and a lot of Gloss

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For those of you feeling the waterlessness that the matte lipstick trend led to, you may be happy to understand that, this year, it's currently all concerning shiny lips.

This is the entire opposite of the recent ultra-matte trend, therefore now's the time to require advantage of the numerous hydrating shiny lip formulas out there.

One fascinating factor to notice is that 2019 can see gloss on over simply the lips.

Cheek glosses are getting more and more in style. These offer the skin AN virtually glass-like end, making a gorgeous aglow glow. Their consistency is typically that of a light-weight balm, and whereas it will absorb into the skin, its slick and shiny end remains on the surface all day.

How may be a cheek gloss totally different from a highlighter?

Well, highlighters typically have quite an opalescent, or perhaps a auriferous, end to them. On the opposite hand, a gloss incorporates a wetter end, giving your skin a naturally bedewed look.


3.A Dramatic Floating Crease

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The floating crease is nothing new, however 2019 can see the floating crease changing into a lot of dramatic than ever.

What specifically may be a floating crease?

It's essentially after you use makeup to draw attention to your protective fold crease. it always involves a base of war paint, once that you'd use a darker shadow, or AN make-up, to draw AN arch simply higher than your natural crease.

As you'll be able to see from the hashtag on Instagram, such a large amount of folks gave this look a attempt in 2018. currently that it's become a touch a lot of thought, 2019 can see folks experiment with a lot of dramatic versions of the floating crease.

Expect to check everything from element and glitter to hand-drawn art adorning protective fold creases everywhere the planet in 2019.

4. Shimmer, rather than Glitter

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Glitter was a large makeup trend back in 2018, however 2019 tones this down a touch, with a shimmer being a lot of acceptable than full-on glitter.

A shimmer offers your face a delicate glimmer, instead of the stressed sparkle that glitter provides.

Which bright makeup product do you have to be going for?

The most in style for 2019 include:

2.Eye liners


5. crimson Lips

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Red lips area unit such a classic look, and is one that may ne'er very exit of fashion.

However, annually throws totally different reminder red into the limelight, and up to date years have seen the brighter and lighter shades very stand out.

This is wherever things area unit dynamical in 2019…

Deep red lips area unit the thanks to go this year, with in style shades including:

3.Almost-black reds
4.Brown-based reds
5.Plums and purples

As mentioned earlier, shiny lips area unit another key makeup trend for 2019, however if you'd like better to choose a subtler end for your red lips, attempt a “blotted velvet” texture instead. There area unit quite an few brands out there currently giving blotted lipsticks. These provide you with a freshly-blotted end, however while not you having to really blot your lips.

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