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Experience and Expertise are one of the few unmatchable offerings of the MJ Makeup and Salon. The salon is located in the capital city of Lucknow and thrives on its professional services for all kinds of a makeover and styling needs of the residents. The salon offers international quality makeup in Lucknow.Ran by Professional Bridal Makeup Artists in Lucknow, the salon offers top quality services for the residents of the city. The salon offers the latest Hair Style in Lucknow using latest hair styling gadgets and technology.The salon takes special care of the brides; it is one of the best makeover salons for Pre Bridal in Lucknow. Pre-Bridal makeover is not the about makeover, brides need to follow a strict diet and have great nourishment. For these purposes, the Professional Makeup artist Minakshi Jaiswal relies on the experts.

What we do @ MJ Makeup and Salon

MJ Makeup Academy and Salon


Special occasions are very important, they require special attention and makeover. We specialize on such occasions.Wardrobe styling is a part of the makeover. Most salons fail to understand this requirement. We do complete wardrobe styling to complement our quality makeover to give an eye-catching appearance to our clients.


Styling the hairs has the power to transform the looks of every individual. We offer a plethora of hair styling options like curling, straightening etc. We not only style the hairs, we also recommend a style that will magically transform the appearance of our clients. These recommendations are backed by years of experience and expertize in hair styling. We are a one stop shop for all kinds of Hairstyling in Lucknow.


Whether it is wedding makeover, party makeover, we know the nuances of every single occasion and prepare our clients accordingly. The deep understanding and years of experience help us achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every single occasion. We provide the best party Makeup in Lucknow.

Face & Body Care By Professionals

We also offer hair wash, cut, texturizing and colouring services as well as, head, face and body massages, facial and polishing treatments, Bleach, Threading and nail art.

MJ Makeup and Salon Lucknow

The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles

Healthy skin is the scope of practices that help skin honesty, upgrade its appearance and alleviate skin conditions. They can incorporate nourishment, shirking of intemperate sun introduction and suitable utilization of emollients.

A nail salon or nail bar is a claim to fame excellence salon foundation that fundamentally offers nail mind administrations, for example, nail trims, pedicures, and nail improvements. Frequently, nail salons likewise offer healthy skin administrations.

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